How to Disable Youtube Shorts on any Android

Are you frustrated with the YouTube shorts? This will help you to remove youtube shorts from the YouTube App.

Short videos decrease the concentration power and distract a lot. Some people like these shorts, while some find them annoying. Today customization is everywhere, so if you want to disable or remove shorts on YouTube, you can do that easily. Here in this blog, we will discuss different ways to remove or disable shorts from YouTube. Let’s into it.

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To remove shorts from the YouTube app or disable shorts, simply marking all the short videos as ‘Not Interested’ or simply by using YouTube in the WebVerion and remove the shorts section from there.

MY proof is attached in the END. MUST CHECK at Once.

How to Remove YouTube Shorts from Android or iOS

Thumbnail image for 3 Ways To Remove Shorts From YouTube App, image shows  the YouTube app running with text on the left

Step 1: Open Youtube

Open the Youtube app

SiOpenhe Youtube app from the home screen.

Step 2: Find the Shorts on the browser feed (home page)

Highlighting the YouTube shorts in the Youtube app

Look for the shorts carousel, which shows all the suggested shorts videos.

Selecting all the shorts is Not Interested on the YouTube app

Step 3: Tap on Three Dots

Now tap the three dots given on the top right side of it.

Step 4: Mark every short as “Not Interested”

After locating the shorts and selecting the three dots. Tap on Not Entered from the popped-up menu. Repeat the process for all the shorts from the carousel until it ends.

It shows around 8-10 shorts on the YouTube shorts carousel on the Homepage.

This will remove the shorts from the YouTube homepage, and the Browser Feed.

Second method: YouTube’s Old Version Without Shorts APK

There is an old version of the YouTube app available that doesn’t have the “shots” feature. It’s called YouTube without shots APK, but you can’t download it from the official app store. However, you can download it by clicking the download button below. This version of YouTube is from a time before the “shots” feature was introduced, so it’s the only way to avoid them.

Third Method To Disable or Remove YT Shorts

This is the simplest method to get rid of shorts on Youtube.

Step 1: Open on the Browser

Opening the YouTube website from the Browser on smartphone

Open any browser on the device, then Open Youtube Website. And Log In to your Account.

Step 2: Tap on the Cross

YouTube shorts from the YouTube web version, cross button show and highlighted by red arrow

On the top right side of the shorts shown in the YouTube web version. Tap on the cross.

Step 3: YouTube shorts removed

After clicking the cross icon to remove the YouTube shorts from the YouTube web Version

Now on the Browser, you won’t find any short video on the Homepage for 30 days.

Catch of removing Shorts from

You can only remove the shorts carousel or the shelf of YouTube shorts where the shelf shows all the shorts. YouTube Shorts can only be removed for 30 days; afterward, they will be directed back.

Moreover, the YouTube shorts button would still be accessible from the Bottom. As shown in the below screenshot.

Fourth Method To Remove The Shorts From Youtube

All of us know that Shorts is a new feature launched by Youtube on September 2020, and Shorts added this feature to everyone’s Youtube through updates. So if you uninstall updates, you will witness the old version of Youtube where there will be no shorts. So let’s how to do this.

Step 1: Open Your Phone’s Settings App

Smartphone Settings icon highlighted with yellow and teal color

Open the Settings app on your Phone.

Step 2: Tap on Apps

Apps tab highlighted with the red arrow in the Android mobile settings

On the settings page, Tap on Apps.

Step 3: Locate and Select Youtube

YouTube App highlighted with the red rectangle box in the Android Apps settings

As you tap on Manage Apps, Android will display a list of all apps installed on your phone. Scroll down and Locate Youtube.

Step 4: Tap on Uninstall Updates

uninstalling the YouTube app updates from the Android Mobile Settings

Tap on Uninstall Updates and then Tap on OK. This will uninstall all updates of the Youtube app. Restart Youtube, and Shorts will be disabled entirely.

Results after YouTube Shorts Being Removed from the Browse Feed [Proof]

I have taken a screenshot of my YouTube feed. As you can see, there were no Shorts in it, and there’s a shorts section in the app, nor are the shorts showing on the home page of the YouTube application.

Results after YouTube shorts being removed from the Browse Feed

End Note

The methods mentioned above are straightforward and safe. You will not see any negative impact on the Youtube app and user experience. If you have a short videos section in your YouTube app, you can follow those mentioned above and disable shorts from YouTube. If a method does not work for you, you can try other ones, and we guarantee that one of the methods, as mentioned earlier, will work for every user.

All the Ways to Remove or Disable the YouTube Shorts

  1.  Mark all the shorts as not interested.
  2.  Open YouTube’s web version and remove the YouTube shorts shelf.
  3.  Use YouTube vanced app (Not suggested).
  4.  Do Uninstall the YouTube updates.
  5.  Old the older version of the YouTube app.

You can try a few methods to remove or disable YouTube Shorts from the app. The first method involves marking all short videos as “Not Interested” in the app, while the second method requires you to use the YouTube website on a browser and remove the Shorts section. You can also uninstall updates to revert to the old version of YouTube without Shorts or use the YouTube Vanced app (not recommended). However, removing Shorts only lasts 30 days, and the Shorts button will still be accessible from the bottom of the app.


Q: Does removing Shorts from Youtube will remove Shorts videos permanently?

Ans: Yes, after disabling Shorts, Shorts will not display any short videos from any creator.

Q: Can we watch shorts after disabling Shorts?

Ans: You can watch shorts from any creator by searching the Short by name or visiting the creator’s channel. The only thing is YouTube will not show Shorts in your YouTube feed.

Q: Can we upload Shorts after disabling Shorts from YouTube?

Ans: You can’t upload shorts if you disable shorts by the second and third methods because the web version doesn’t support shorts. Also, if you uninstall updates, you will not get the Create Shorts option. However, in the first method, you can upload shorts.

Q: Can we update YouTube after uninstalling updates?

Ans: Yes, you can update Youtube anytime after uninstalling updates, and once you update Youtube, you will get Shorts back on Youtube.

Q: Is there any other way to remove shorts from Youtube?

Ans: No, but you can restrict the Shorts volume in your Youtube feed by tapping the three dots on the Shorts and then tapping Not Interested. If you repeat this process, YouTube will not display no or very few shorts.

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