Microphone Not Working on Android? Fix It Now!

Is your Android phone’s microphone silent when it should be singing? Don’t worry, crackly calls and unheard voice messages are common problems with easy solutions. This guide will walk you through troubleshooting steps to get your microphone back in action.

The Real Deal With Microphone Not Working Android

Fix 1: Inspect Microphone Hardware

The microphone is typically located on the bottom bezel of the phone. In my troubleshooting process, I always carefully inspect this area. I check for any dirt, debris, or even if my phone case is blocking the microphone.

image of downside showing of phone on phone with clearning brush

I use a soft brush for gentle cleaning. From my past mistakes, I strongly advise against using compressed air or sharp objects, as they can seriously damage the microphone.

Fix 2: Check Microphone Access

Next, I always verify app permissions. I’ve learned that apps need explicit permission to use the microphone.

screenshot of list of apps for the microphone permission MIC
screenshot of list of apps for the microphone permission

I navigate to my phone’s Settings and double-check that microphone access is enabled for all the apps that require it. I can’t tell you how many times this simple step has solved the problem for me!

Fix 3: Test in Safe Mode

safe mode gif in fun way

When basic steps don’t cut it, I turn to Safe Mode. It’s a diagnostic tool I’ve found incredibly useful as it temporarily disables third-party apps. I restart my phone in safe mode and test the microphone again by making a call or using a voice recording app. If the microphone works in safe mode, I know a third-party app is likely the culprit.

Fix 4: Identify Conflicting Apps

screenshot of phone using the microphone

If Safe Mode reveals an app conflict, my next step is to review recently installed apps or those with microphone access. I consider uninstalling any suspicious apps. In my experience, this process of elimination often leads to the problematic app.

Fix 5: Restart & Update


In my experience, a simple restart can often work wonders. When my microphone acted up recently, the first thing I did was restart my phone. It’s a quick fix that can clear temporary glitches affecting the microphone. After that, I always make sure to check for software updates. In my case, I’ve found that these updates frequently include bug fixes that can resolve microphone-related issues.

Hardware Issues Beyond Cleaning

image of two phone with microphone showing (2)

Fix 6: Water Damage

While I always start with cleaning the microphone, I’ve learned that liquid damage can cause internal corrosion. If my phone has recently gotten wet, even a small amount, I consider this as a potential cause. In my experience, even water-resistant phones aren’t always 100% protected. If I suspect water damage, I typically recommend taking the phone to a professional for repair.

Fix 7: Hardware Failure

image of two phone with microphone, speaker and charging port showing

I’ve seen cases where microphones fail due to physical stress or internal defects. If I’ve dropped my phone or it’s suffered a strong impact, I consider the possibility of physical damage to the microphone. In rare cases, I’ve even encountered faulty microphones from the factory. If none of the software solutions work, and water damage seems unlikely, I start to suspect a hardware issue. In such cases, I usually recommend seeking help from manufacturer support or a phone repair service.

Advanced Troubleshooting

screenshot whatsapp microphone permission settings

Reset App Permissions: As a last resort in software troubleshooting, I sometimes reset app permissions. I navigate to my Settings and perform this reset. I always warn users that this might affect other granted permissions as well, so it’s not a step to be taken lightly.

Software Conflicts Beyond Third-Party Apps

image of two phone with microphone showing

Fix 8: System App Issues

screenshot of phone using the microphone

While less common, I’ve encountered situations where system apps conflict with the microphone. If I suspect this might be the case, I research online forums specific to my phone model. Uninstalling app updates for system apps can sometimes help, but I always proceed with extreme caution. I strongly recommend consulting a trusted resource or forum before modifying any system apps.

Fix 9: Hidden Malware

In my years of troubleshooting, I’ve seen malicious software tamper with various phone functions, including the microphone. If I suspect malware, I always run a reputable antivirus scan, especially if I’ve recently downloaded apps from untrusted sources.

Remember, these are the steps I personally follow when troubleshooting microphone issues. Your mileage may vary, but I hope my experiences can guide you towards a solution. If you’re ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Happy troubleshooting, and may your microphone woes be short-lived!

More Fixing Tricks for Microphone or Mic Stopped Working

image of android phone bottom side showing microphone speaker in hand
  • Test with an external microphone: I connect an external mic to isolate whether it’s a hardware or software issue.
  • Check system-wide audio settings: I verify that no global settings are muting or interfering with the microphone.
  • Disable Bluetooth: I turn off Bluetooth to rule out any connection conflicts affecting the microphone.
  • Factory reset: As an absolute last resort, I consider performing a factory reset, ensuring I’ve backed up all important data first.
  • Check accessibility settings: I make sure the microphone isn’t accidentally disabled in the phone’s accessibility options.
  • Update or reinstall problematic apps: For apps known to use the microphone heavily, I try updating or reinstalling them.
  • Verify microphone selection: In device settings, I ensure the correct microphone input is selected.
  • Disable noise cancellation: I turn off any noise cancellation features that might be interfering with the microphone.
  • Test in different environments: I try using the microphone in various locations to rule out environmental interference.

Additional Tips

  • Some apps might have specific microphone settings or mute toggles. Check the app’s settings to ensure it’s not muted.
  • If none of the above solutions work, consider contacting your phone manufacturer’s support for further assistance.


That’s it for the blog post today. Today I tried showing you all the ways, tips, and tricks that you can also try and use when the microphone on your Android or even on iOS is not working. It’s the same as fixing the Android speaker not working. I hope you find the information helpful. If you do, then let us know in the comments section. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us from there. Have a nice day.

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