Not receiving OTPs? 10 Ways to Get OTPs Instantly! [fix]

In every digital transaction or forgotten password resetting password, one of the most demanding things is a one-time password, the so-called OTP. It is so frustrating when you haven’t received OTP. Although I had also faced this issue, my OTP had not been received for a long time. 

Receiving OTP is a necessary process when you are making online payments or are resetting something beneficial. It’s a kind of security challenge. Like Google, Google has its captcha, which verifies if you are a human using their services or a bot. 

If you are not receiving OTP/OTP not coming, then today, in this article, I am not teaching you how to fix the OTP error and get OTP instantly when you request it. 

Learn in Fixing’s Way to Troubleshoot Time Password not receiving.

If the OTP is not receiving, try to clear the cache of the default SMS app. Restart the smartphone and Reset the network settings if they are not working even after applying the first two. However, OTP does not solely depend on the device. The one-time password also depends on the sender’s side. Sometimes, brands or the sender may not send the OTP.

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Fun Fact: There were several times when we requested OTP continuously, but OTP was not received, and after a few minutes, there was a boom. Now 4-5 OTPs come simultaneously, but they are not helpful. 

Why is OTP Not Receiving?

One of the significant reasons why OTP is not received is a failure in SMS configuration, a typical network problem, and a smartphone cache problem. Moreover, this could be due to server errors or the sender’s side.

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 If you are not receiving OTPs, here are 15 possible reasons why:

To ensure OTP messages reach you, verify your contact details, maintain good signal strength, and watch for network congestion. Check for provider blocks and spam filters. Keep phone memory free, update software, and ensure the correct time settings. Ensure your SIM card is intact, and address any service provider or roaming issues. Deactivate DND settings and confirm the correct device for multiple connections. Be aware of security issues that may block OTPs. Additionally, ensure SMS app notifications are enabled to receive OTP alerts promptly.

How to Fix OTP Not Received? | Easy Solution for Not Getting One-Time Password

Now let’s see how to fix OTP not coming or not receiving OTP. 

1. Clear the Cache of the Messaging App

I have often seen that because of the cache data, you won’t see the new OTP messages because the old cache data displays. 

Clearing Cache of Messages App

So whenever you don’t receive OTP, that could be due to the cache data of the messages app. Tap on the app > App Info > Storage > Clear the Cache to fix it. Now you will get the received One time password. 

Clearning cache vector or illustrator

If you didn’t get through it, this guide is entirely on clearing the cache data of any Android app.

2. Check the Connection, then Fix it

We often think there is a problem on our end or maybe on the Senders and who is sending you the one-time password, but you are not receiving a one-time password. 

power menu to restart, power off or emergency call

The main culprit of this whole instance is the network provider. Because of low network signals, this issue might be created when you are not receiving the OTP, but OTP has been sent. To fix this error and receive a new OTP, turn on airplane mode and restart your smartphone. When your smartphone starts again, turn off the airplane mode and request another OTP, and this time, you will get the one-time password.

If you are seeing, No SIM card or even when you are not seeing the LTE and VOLTE on your Phone then it might be problematic in receiving otps.

This is one of the things that I recommend to everyone who faces some network issue, whether their 4G or 5G LTE symbol is not showing

3. Check Your Tariff Plan

This has happened to me many times in India. There is a policy of a few telecom companies. You probably won’t get a one-time password when you don’t have an active plan on your sim. Even this sounds true in other countries, though. 

check network

Suppose you are thinking about why OTP is not receiving on Airtel or why OTP is not receiving on jio/vi. First of all, check whether you have an active plan on your own or not. 

For instance, when I was in the market and making a payment, the app suddenly asked me to enter the send OTP because I paid through my Visa Card. Then I tried this, recharged my sim, and after that, when I requested again, I received my OTP password. I waited for 10 to 15 minutes but still did not receive OTP. 

4. Ensuring You Receive OTP Notifications: A Personal Experience

One of the things you should consider is checking the SMS app notifications. Suppose you are using Google Messages and you have disabled notifications for the app. If you are on an app interface or website where you need to enter an OTP that has been sent to you, you won’t be notified about the OTP because the notifications are disabled.

screenshot of received otp from myntra

Most Android devices have a system that automatically fetches the OTP from the SMS app and enters it into the website or app. To fix this, simply unblock notifications from the SMS app, or you can manually retrieve the OTP from the app and enter it into the website or app.

screenshots of multiple messages from samsung messages app with OTP

For example, on May 31st, I was using Myntra, a fashion website. I tried to add something to my wishlist, which required me to log in with my mobile number and enter an OTP. After waiting for 10 minutes for the OTP, I realized that I had disabled my SMS app notifications. When I opened the app, I saw that I had received the OTP 10 minutes earlier. I then entered the OTP into the website. This was my personal experience, and it might happen to others as well.

5. Lastly, Reset Network Settings

Don’t be worried when I tell you to reset the network. That only means you have to reset your internet settings which will reset all your SMS default configuration, internet config, and APN. 

Reset network settings to fix hotspot not working
reset it gif by backdroid

These things are the default when you reset them, your current network provider will automatically install them or be installed by your sim, but that is sure that it will be installed automatically. You don’t have to perform any manual actions after resetting. However, if you are worried, you can read this article on what happens when I reset network settings. 

I am mentioning another method from one of our competitors, carlcare.

Both of us have the main motive to help you, and in this article, we are helping you fix it and receive OTP faster. So below is a screenshot that you can read, and I also mentioned the numbers he mentioned in this article. I am also linking here. You can read it also. 

  • MTN: +234803000000
  • Airtel: +2348020000009
  • 9mobile : +234809001518
  • Glo: +2348050001501

I hope you found this helpful article, and it will help you to figure out why you are not receiving the OTP and how to fix it.

The OTP (One-Time Password) system is a security feature that generates a temporary password for user verification during online transactions or account logins. It sends a request to the OTP system, which generates a unique and time-limited password delivered to the user via SMS, email, or an authenticator app. The user enters the OTP to complete the verification process, and if it matches the one generated earlier, access is granted. The OTP system adds an extra layer of security to prevent fraudulent activities and unauthorized access to accounts.

If you are not receiving OTP messages on your registered mobile number, there are a few possible causes. It could be due to network problems or temporary service outages in your area. Check that you have provided the correct mobile number during registration, as an incorrect number will prevent OTP delivery. Delayed delivery can occur due to congestion or technical problems with the SMS gateway.

Additionally, if you have activated the Do Not Disturb (DND) service, it may block OTP messages from being delivered. Contact your mobile service provider to resolve any DNS-related issues. If the problem persists, contact the organization or platform from which you expect the OTP to ensure no specific account-related issues on their end.

What to do when otp is not received?

Here are 15 unique ways to fix it to receive OTP:

  1. Change the network or Wi-Fi: If you are experiencing poor signal strength, try switching to a different network or Wi-Fi to receive the OTP message.
  2. Restart your device: Sometimes, restarting your device can resolve the issue of not receiving OTP.
  3. Clear phone memory: Clearing phone memory by deleting unnecessary files and apps can also free up space for receiving OTP messages.
  4. Check spam folders: OTP messages may sometimes end up in your spam folder, so check there as well.
  5. Contact service provider: If you suspect your phone number has been blocked or used with the service provider, contact them for assistance.
  6. Verify DND settings: Check if your device’s DND (Do Not Disturb) settings are enabled and turn them off temporarily to receive the OTP message.
  7. Try a different browser: If you are trying to receive OTP on a web browser, try a different browser, as it might resolve the issue.
  8. Update your phone software: Ensure that your phone software is up-to-date and install any necessary updates.
  9. Check time and date settings: Check that your device’s time and date settings are accurate, as this can affect the delivery of OTP messages.
  10. Check SIM card: Make sure that your SIM card is inserted correctly and not damaged.
  11. Disable call forwarding: Sometimes, call forwarding settings can prevent OTP messages from being received.
  12. Contact customer support: If you have tried all the above methods and still need help receiving OTP, contact customer support for assistance.
  13. Try a different OTP method: If the SMS OTP is not working, try using a different OTP method such as email, voice call, or an authenticator app.
  14. Use a different device: If all else fails, try receiving the OTP on a different device to see if it works.

By the way, let me know in the comments. Have you ever received 5 to 10 OTPs at a single time? 


That’s it for the blog post today. I hope you found the information helpful. According to the Google Search Console data for the last 12 months, it has reached over 39,100 clicks and 658,000 impressions, which shows how many people have read this blog in the last 6 months. It’s a really good number, and it demonstrates that our tips and tricks are effective.

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I am waiting for your comments. Don’t forget to mention it, by the way. It’s me, Kunal, the founder of Fixing I hope this article will be helpful for you and have a nice day. See you again, not with the problem but as a friend. 

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