How to Fix PUBG mobile Lag (instantly) Any device

PUBG Mobile Lag Fix: Imagine for a second that you saw a squad in a warehouse rushing there with your entire squad-Things are insane; a continuous bullet sounds. 

Now, one of your Pro teammates is knocked out. NOW YOU have the responsibility to save your entire squad, but all of a sudden, Pubg starts lagging, and you face continuous frame drops! 

What is that result? Your squad will not play the next game with you nor accept your join request, Right? So here’s the easiest article on the internet on “PUBG Mobile Lag Fix.”

Let’s dive into the Guide.

How to Fix PUBG MOBILE Lag & Frame Drops (Any RAM)

This article can be helpful for most devices like Android, and & some techniques can be helpful too for PC and laptops. You can even apply the same on a device with 2GB RAM or 3 GB.

So, this guide on Lag Pubg mobile is for everyone and every gamer who loves PUBG.

1. Free Up Storage

The storage is a major impact on the game’s performance. Yes. 

Clean internal storage

Storage mainly impacts game performance because multiple files in your storage help the game load maps, rooms, warehouses, etc.

If your storage is full and doesn’t have the speed to give the game all the required files, then PUBG Lags!

What to Do, then? Firstly, Clear the storage on which the game is installed internally or externally. However, you can also buy a fast SD Card for better gameplay in pubg.

2. Block Notifications

You might be thinking, WHY TO TURN OFF NOTIFICATION? Because it takes a lot of RAM & processing power it makes the PUBG run more slowly.

block notification to reduce lag on android

Let’s take an example of this: You’re playing the pubg as usual, then suddenly our friend “BOB” sends you a message. Now the phone needs to load that message and then show you as a popup on the screen. That’s how it works.

What should I do then? Block all the notions of social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, or notifications of other apps.

Of the apps that constantly send alerts & notifications. This can help that smartphone to improve PUBG Mobile‘s gaming performance & the PUBG Won’t lag.

3. Turn Off Services Not Required

Many services work in the background, but we don’t see them. Here’s an example;

Truecaller, whenever someone’s call comes, it shows & identifies the number from their database, right?

features of play store

So, fetching the Number details increases the load on the Phone’s RAM and processor at the same time. This results in your lag will lag or the example of series like Play Store, which shows you constant notions of apps to update lie;

4 New updates & 18 pending updates.

Google play store!

This is the notification that I get whenever I turn on the internet. So, To fix lag pubg mobile, try to turn off these unnecessary & additional services.

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4. One below Graphics

Every game wanted extremely high graphics or the Smoothest gameplay, but as a pubg player, we made a mistake that everyone makes while using the right graphics.

pubg mobile graphics settings

Suppose Your phone supports Smooth graphics with extreme frame rates in pUBG mobile, & you chose the EXTREME frame rate.

But choosing the highest is not good because when you rush somewhere in the game or when there are too many enemies nearby, the game speeds up from 60FPS to 25FPS. Yes, it’s true.

So., make sure that you’re using one less graphic. Here’s what I mean by that: If you have the extreme frame rates option, choose high or ultra. It is good for the game’s performance & can reduce PUBG MOBILE lag.

5. Repair or Reinstall

You can Repair your Pubg Mobile or Reinstall it Because Sometimes Pubg Downloads many Trash and cache files. 

Repair PUBG mobile

To clear it out, you have to repair the game or re-install it, which will automatically delete all the junk & unneeded files that the game stores.

This will definitely go to fix your lag in 2GB RAM and 3GB RAM.

6. Stop Using Skins

Skins are one of the worst things in pubg because when we use any skins, it takes rendering, so the game becomes choppy & starts Shutter Lag.

Because every player is different & wears different outfits, which need to be rendered if you’re around them.

7. Disable Mic When Not Needed

PUBG mobile MIC option

Mic Helps in Communicating with Teammates, but their Voice consumes the Internet & processing power of the smartphone, making the game lag.

8. Use Game Booster

flash dog game bosster

Game boosters work towards increasing the FPS, but they can help you more. These apps will help you get a great gaming experience on your Android device. If you don’t have a game booster built-in on your device. Then, you must download these apps as soon as possible. These apps can help you to fix Lag PUBG MOBILEs even in 2GB RAM or 3 GB RAM 2022.

11 Ways to Fix Lag in PUBG Mobile

  1. Clear cache and data of the PUBG Mobile app
  2. Close background apps while playing PUBG Mobile
  3. Disable battery-saver and data-saver modes
  4. Adjust graphics settings to a lower resolution and frame rate
  5. Turn off HDR, anti-aliasing, and shadows
  6. Use a stable and fast internet connection
  7. Turn on “Speed Mode” in PUBG Mobile settings
  8. Use a device with sufficient RAM and processing power
  9. Update PUBG Mobile to the latest version
  10. Install PUBG Mobile on the internal storage of the device
  11. Restart the device before playing PUBG Mobile.


Q: Can I play pubg in 2Gb ram?

Ans: Yes, PUBG Mobile can be played on a smartphone that has 2GB RAM. However, PUBG mobile requires at least 3GB of RAM and a good processor for Android devices. If any of these are not present, then it starts lagging.

Q: How to play PUBG in 2Gb RAM mobile without lag?

Ans: To play PUBG MOBILE without lag on 2Gb RAM, you must follow all the steps I included here, like; Stopping using skins, blocking the notifications, and disabling the mic when not needed.

Q: Can we play PUBG on a 2Gb RAM phone?

Ans: Yes, PUBG can be played on smartphones with one or more GB of RAM, & Also requires a good processor for better performance.

Q: How to improve pubg mobile performance on low-end devices?

Ans: To improve the PUBG mobile performance to make it faster, Try to uninstall unnecessary apps, play on low graphics, and Disable the mic when not needed.

Q: How to make pubg mobile faster?

Ans: To make the PUBG mobile runs faster, Try to uninstall unnecessary apps, play on low graphics, and Disable the mic when not needed.


Using these ways, I Fixed the Lag in Pubg Mobile in 2GB RAM, 3Gb RAM, and Even in Battleground Mobile India. You can also use these ways to Fix Your Lag/Shutter/Choppy Gameplay Into Smooth Gameplay.

Many people are searching for a pubg mobile 2GB RAM lag fix; if you are also, I hope this post helps you…

What do you think? Which Way Are You Going to Try First & Which is Best for You? Leave your advice and comments below.

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